Want an effective way to lower your Cost Per Sale and maximize your reach nationwide?  Blow up the phone lines with a dynamite DRTV campaign! We have a proven track record in producing and marketing products with direct response. We’ll answer all your questions and help you decide if DRTV is a profitable sales channel for your product.

Main Applications:

•  Direct Sales – the viewer calls a #800 number or visits the website to purchase
•  Drive-to-Retail – used to increase in-store sales regionally or nationally
•  Lead Generation – used to build a database for a complex product or service
•  Branding – drives product trial through introductory offers, samples and coupons

Major Benefits: 

•  Maximize your celeb sex tapes Reach 
•  Lower your Cost-Per-Sale or Cost-Per-Lead
•  Reduce your Media Costs by free celeb sextapes 60% using DRTV spots
•  Gain Instant Consumer Feedback with Media Testing and Optimization
•  Complete Accountability with Celebrity Porn Real-time Tracking and Reporting

communic8 streamlines celebrity sextapes the approach to getting you started in DRTV. We manage all of the aspects of your campaign including the creative strategy, video production, media planning, media negotiations/buying, call center management, media campaign management, and reporting. 

Discovery Session

During the our discovery nude celebs session, we'll lead you through a series of exploratory questions designed to gain insight into your brand identity, business model, target audience, and the unique selling proposition of your product or service. 

With the information gained from the initial consultation, we'll develop a proposal famous people that recommends a strategy for your DRTV campaign, one that optimizes sales and profit potentials for your company.  We perform the necessary due diligence upfront so both parties have a clear understanding of the investment required for success.

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