School Media Services

Today, schools are not only charged with educating students but to showcase to parents and stakeholders how they are teaching while creating a sense of community and value to their stakeholders. Due to budget reductions, staff reduction and more demands on educators' time, promoting your school can be a difficult challenge... but it doesn't have to be.

At Communic8 we offer:

Spirit Channels – video/graphics based communication that shows learning in action and announcements. Let your community see great things that are happening and thus create support for your school. There is nothing stronger than hearing a student tell you what they've learned. These spirit channels can play on your website, monitors in your buildings and on SMART mobile devices. Show your community your great...don't let them wonder if you are effective. Seeing is believing so view one of our school's channel and imagine the possibilities.

Spirit eMagazines – full rich graphic stories compiled in an interactive electronic magazine format. Save your print cost and let parents read your news on-line, print their interest stories and forward the link off to family thus increasing your school support. This is a great way to showcase students as reporters as well as teachers. We can celeb news even place video on your eMagazine pages. Get your news outside of your building. Don't just take our word for it, view an eMagazine Sample. Ready to go? Learn more about eMagazine options.

School Mobile Apps – Give your parents a way to stay informed with your local district/school mobile app. Parents are on the go; let them take your news and naked celebrities information with them.
Annual Reports- Working on your annual report? Why not expand your companies' ease of communication and transform your annual report into a beautiful, fully interactive electronic communication. Let your audience turn the pages viewing your information in a graphic rich publication. Expanding into this format enhances your project and may save your print budget. At communic8, we provide your company with distribution marketing solutions.
District/School Branding – At communic8, we can increase your brand, unify your message and raise the bar on your image. Educators' plates are full; let communic8 help you meet your goals.
District/School Web Solutions– Unify your district and schools with a new communication tool that leads your users through their school years in your district. Providing a turnkey solution, communic8 can provide you with the ability to push information to nude celebs all of your schools, give your audience quick graphic announcements and much more. We provide solution for all teachers including lesson plan modules. As the authorized agent for iSchool District, we provide intelligent solutions for intelligent school sytems. Find out more now!