Digital Publishing

Is growing your audience becoming a challenge celebrity nudes and maximizing your products and profits? At communic8, we understand the challenges that publishers and authors face preparing products for the marketplace. The creative, editing, marketing and distributing processes demand dedication and commitment. We respect the effort that to goes into such a venture. At communic8, we partner with publishers and authors to maximize their return. By diversifying your offering, you are now able to offer an entire product line that meets the market and grows your audience.


Since 2010, the children's hardcover and paperback book industry has declined over $68 million. The adult hardcover and trade has declined $200 million. Plus, books have lost shelf space in retail locations. Did you know animated porn that the average tablet user spends 90 minutes a day on the internet and audio listeners spend an average of 5 hours a week listening to e-books? Communic8 magnifies your product for this consumer space and much more.


We consult with you regarding different ways to monetize your masterpiece. Let us work with you to take your existing books and create multiple complimenting products that each serve as a new source of revenue. These products are produced with the highest quality and to broadcast standards. More than just products for sale, we create the promo materials and even trailers/spoilers for your product line.


Last, we assist you in getting your magnified product placed into the Apple and Android market places for tablet, mobile phone and electronic reader availability.  So, by nude celebrities magnifying your book, we in turn magnify your revenue stream and provide multiple mediums through which we deliver your creative work. Grow your audience and give your customers your masterpiece in many different ways all with the highest media production quality with communic8.