About Communic8


With over 55 years of experience in broadcast, web design, application development and strategic communications, Communic8 understands communication obstacles and develops a message of the highest quality... a message that gets results.

"Americans are exposed to approximately 3,000 ads per day. With celebrity sex tapes this volume, businesses ensure their message is noticed and remembered," says Sharon Roper - Communic8 partner. "We work to communicate your message in a clear, concise manner with a true broadcast quality flare." We deliver quality and quality celebrity news drives results. Your customers will see and more importantly feel the difference, compelling them to action. 

Communic8 provides cartoon porn comics the best creative new media solutions in today’s market.  Integrating technology with broadcast video quality productions, Communic8 brings your product and message to your customers and future customers in an engaging manner, building relationships and strengthening your brand in the marketplace.  The team at Communic8 consists of technology pioneers in the wireless world and software programing, live broadcast expertise from news to national live sports, CCO level communications, executive marketing and national strategist.  Together, we create a solution that fits the needs of our clients and enables them to obtain their next steps hitting their goals over a time period.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is adding energy and life into your business? So, do you Communic8?

Our Vision

Communic8 believes in integrating media through technology celebrity porn tapes to ease the way businesses operate, communicate and increase ROI, plus entertain audiences through magnified media taking them to a world of unknown interactive experiences, touching millions of people who see or use Communic8 products.