In today’s world, publishers stop short of providing authors a way to truly monetize a single masterpiece and bring it to life as a product series of the ebooks, audiobooks, read alongs and animated books.  For children’s books, naked celebrities we offer the same product services plus incorporate interactive coloring pages and puzzles of the literary artwork.  This provides the user with a variety of ways to enjoy the literary work in addition to creating a market for this type of “magnified” product series to become the standard for every author.  Having multiple creative options for literary engagement creates an opportunity for merchandising characters from a story. 


Magnified Media incorporates the reader Black Porn into an interactive environment in which they participate in the story and experience moving the scenes along.  Utilizing a gaming platform sets our animation series apart from previous animated experiences.  This technology incorporates 2D and 3D elements, special effects, music and artificial intelligence to bring literary works to life.  Magnified Media is focused on the mobile consumer markets and distribution through the mobile app marketplace both locally and internationally.