Our Products

Founded in 2010, C8 is a technology and media company consisting of a service division and a products division which in turn involves many brands. Through building relationships with small and emerging businesses, we are afforded insight regarding opportunities and market needs within the small business communities. 

C8 celebrity nude has released several products which enhance small businesses in their daily operations, netowrking, offering deals and growing their business.

AccessBiz.net – interactive office, network and marketplace 

Developed for small business owners to have a virtual office where they can collaborate by building project teams and utilize communication platforms (such as web conferencing), grow their network locally/nationwide and interact in an onshore marketplace as a freelancer or post project needs. 


DextMe.com celebrity porn movies – a mobile rolodex with a deals module 

Small business owners face the same customer challenges, how to stay in contact with customers and bring them back to buy.  DextMe.com was developed to fill this void.  Through this system, the business celebrity news card is brought to life as an electronic interactive mobile rolodex card.  Each DextMe account has more than just the business name and contact information.  The business can have graphic slides to promote them in a visual manner to enhance their message.  The business contact information is easily kept up to date so when customers retrieve that information it is always current, plus, with the system each account generates a unique QR code.